Bike Bistro carries the world’s oldest name

… in bicycle manufacturing – Bianchi. It evoked the modern bicycle and remains an award-winning machine nearly 130 years later.

In 1913, Edoardo Bianchi invented the front brake system. The company continues to be inventive with its exclusive vibration canceling system. It resulted in the Infinito CV, which has proven to give maximized ride control and handling, as well as reduced muscle fatigue for longer rides. Its X-TeX Cross Weave is a unique process of molding carbon strips to the head tube and bottom bracket area for increased torsional rigidity and reduced weight.

In addition to creating the modern bicycle, Edoardo Bianchi is responsible for the first ladies bicycle – made for a queen. In 1895, he was invited to Court at Villa Reale in Monza where Queen Margaret was eager to learn to ride his bicycle. Bianchi, often called the “little blacksmith,” always kept a watchful eye on innovation and sports.

Bicycle competitions became an opportunity for Bianchi to test his technical solutions before taking them to production. His first international sports success dates back to 1899, when Tomaselli won the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris. It sparked an adventure for Bianchi – sports competitions fueled the growth of an enterprise born just four years prior in a small Italian workshop.

Fifteen years later Bianchi would produce a record 45,000 bicycles in one year. He was also producing motorbikes and cars after presenting the first bicycle with a cardan joint transmission. His legacy lives on in the cycling world with an award-winning machine.

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