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we are just as passionate about our blend as our bikes.

Bistro Blend Java is custom blended, locally roasted and ground every day for fresh, delicious flavor. We’re not into all that whipped up syrupy stuff — we’re more European inspired, just deep-roasted, fresh java.  

Get a free cup of coffee when you take a test ride or buy the awesome Bistro mug.


The cycle of life requires many paces.

This is the brew that will prepare you for the ride, whether you want to pick up the pace or ease into a comfortable rhythm.

Inspired by the Tour de France, the greatest event in sport history, Cadence Coffee stands up to rigorous standards: sustainably sourced, harvested at peak season, and roasted to Bike Bistro taste.

This blend feels like years of friendships and miles of rides together, traversing terrain, racing against the clock, and helping each other along the way. Rich, earthy notes commingle with dark chocolate and cinnamon to take the flavor experience beyond the ambiguity of medium, to a place where the victor lives within.

From the morning sprint to the long, afternoon chase, find your cadence in every cup.

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