a perfect fit

from pedals

to helmet

At The Bike Bistro, we’ll make sure you’ll get a sweet ride, whether you’re cruising the bike path on Sanibel Island, socializing during our weekly group rides or training for a triathlon.

Working exclusively with the world’s top-of-the-line manufacturers, we’ll make sure your bike and accessories are a perfect fit — from the pedals to the helmet.

Our skilled technicians will keep your equipment in top condition so you won’t get waylaid and give you helpful tips for protecting your bike from the harsh Southwest Florida environment.

Then, make new friends and swap tips and stories over coffee after our weekly group rides. Ride on!

Perk up your ride with our line of maintenance packages


As young teenager I spent my summers finding scrap bikes and refurbishing them.

It mainly consisted of dismantling the bike, cleaning parts and giving it a rattle-can paint job of whatever color we had around the house. 

They were crude but kept me out of trouble.

Later I was bitten by the “Fixie” bug and began building fixed-gear bikes and going a little deeper. I had the frames sandblasted, I began painting them and assembling with new parts.

From there I did more extensive restorations including sourcing vintage parts, decals and developed it into a (very small) small business.

Today our restorations are full fledged, we sandblast and paint in-house, paying attention to the smallest screws and details. It’s not uncommon to spend a week just polishing parts to a better than new shine. If you’re looking to bring back the luster and memories to your beloved childhood bike or have an update to good but tired bike give us a call, we’d love to help!


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